The Exmed Travel Clinic is run by our specialist travel Nurse.

This private service is open to all members of the public, including, but not limited to students, elderly travellers, corporate travellers, Security Industry and the Oil & Gas Industry.

We offer pre-travel advice, holiday vaccinations and malaria prophylaxis.  To minimise the health risks associated with travel, the nurse will not only advise you on what vaccinations are appropriate for your travel but will also discuss topics including

  1. Medical Preparation  i.e. first aid kits
  2. Journey Risks – i.e. lone traveller, DVT, hospital facilities at destination
  3. Safety Risks
  4. Environmental Risks
  5. Food & Water-Borne Risks
  6. Vector-Borne Risks
  7. Air-Bourne Risks
  8. Sexual Health & Blood Born Viral Risks
  9. Skin Health
  10. Psychological Health abroad

For a fee we can also write Medical Intelligence Assessments for those travelling to a specific country for a prolonged period of time or for work purposes. For more information please visit Clinical Support


                      Our number is UKYFVC4884                   Our provider number is 1-266634145

If you would like to book an appointment or ask any travel related questions then please call on 01432 355964 and press option 4 for the travel clinic or email 


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