Exmed, an ISO 9001/2000 registered company,is an independent provider of specialist medical support and training for companies, media, and international humanitarian organisations operating in remote and hostile environments.


Led by doctors, clinicians, military medics and occupational health specialists, the company offers on-the-ground support, training and specialised equipment tailor made to meet the medical and operational needs of clients.


Exmed are particularly experienced in the provision of medical support services for the hydrocarbon sector, security industry and offshore oil, gas and mining trades. We also provide medical care and training to some of the world’s top media organisations and production companies.

We have sent out Remote Medical Practitioners to provide support in remote and hostile environments worldwide, such as Iraq, Afghanistan and Somalia.

Our Specialised Medical Support Services Include:

  • Medical needs assessment, major incident management audits and operations        planning
  • Health and safety management, staffing and equipping qualified personnel and assumption of medical legal risks
  • Recruitment, training, insuring and deployment of medical professionals
  • Medical support for emergencies including aero-medical evacuations and the supply of urgent medication
  • 24/7 maintenance of client employee medical files and insurance details
  • Supply, installation and management of high-quality medical clinics
  • Primary Health care support to projects through mobile or semi-permanent clinical facilities.