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S-Scort VX-2 Suction Unit & Accessories

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The S-SCORT® VX-2TM is a full featured portable, tough battery powered suction unit. Powerful and versatile enough to provide essential medical suction in all EMS circumstances yet easily operated with one hand. Disposable liner system provides cost effective protection against cross infection risk. Choose from a standard liner or a gel version which solidifies contents to eliminate the risk of spillage. Like all S-SCORT suction units, the VX-2 comes with sealed lead acid batteries for reliability, a convenient and field friendly variable regulator, disposable fluid collection, tubing storage and lots of power. The S-Scort battery care system will bring the battery quickly to full charge and drop back to “float” when the battery reaches full charge, eliminating the damage of overcharging. In addition, it will inform the operator of anticipated running time and will automatically disconnect a depleted battery to protect it from a destructive deep discharge.

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Product Description

The VX-2 features a 3 LED, 5 stage battery condition indicator system and outward facing controls, making it easy to use while mounted on the vehicle wall with a vehicle charging/retention bracket which secures the pump to a force of 10G and provides vehicle power to run and charge the unit.

Performance: 30+ lpm clinical airflow at the end of a patient tube, Variable regulator -50 mmHg to -550 mmHg vacuum

Construction: Injection moulded ABS

Charger: Internal automatic dual mode charger with DC power cord to vehicle AC converter for land based AC charging

Power Source: Internal sealed lead acid battery/power lead/charging bracket (VX-2 only)

Dimensions: 23 x 13 x 43cm, Weight 4 kg (9lbs)