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S-Scort JR Quickdraw Suction Device & Accessories

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At less than 1.2 kgs, the S-SCORT…JR® Quickdraw is more efficient than the most powerful traditional suction units. It is compact and light enough to fit in an airway bag and can be readily transported to the patient’s side.

There is no need to manually pump the S-SCORT…JR® Quickdraw, making it easier to control the catheter tip and clear the airway. The canister is equipped with a short and wide fluid path, enabling the Quickdraw to evacuate thick, chunky fluids more quickly.

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A fully charged battery will power the unit for 30 minutes (±10%).The charging system brings the battery to a working charge within 3-4 hours. The Quickdraw is supplied as standard with a (Cigarette lighter) DC power cord and canister. Other power options (available separately) include a 220v Wall Socket Charger or 220v Desktop Charger (including 220v Charger and spare battery)

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S-Scort Jr Quickdraw Suction Device, Rechargeable Sealed Lead Acid Battery, 220v DC Charger for S-Scort Jr Quickdraw, Quickdraw Replacement Battery Alkaline, Quickdraw Single use Disposable Suction Canister, Quickdraw Single use Disposable Suction Canister (case of 20), Quickdraw Single use Disposable Suction Canister (Barbed), Quickdraw Spare Battery 12V Sealed Lead Acid, Replacement Alkaline Battery, Desktop Charger for Quickdraw including Charger and Spare Rechargeable Battery, Small Carry Case for Quickdraw, Re-usable AAA Battery Pack (Batteries not included), Suction Tubing, Pack of 50 (1 metre), Suction Tubing, Single (1 metre)