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Portex Thermovent


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Provides effective humidification for spontaneously breathing patients whose upper airways are by passed by a tracheostomy tube. Device can be used for a maximum of 24 hours. Provides high level performance heat and moisture exchange to patient. Exhibits low resistance to flow and high moisture output which helps to minimise the loss of heat and moisture. Smooth round edges aid patient comfort. Clear housing gives an aesthetic appearance and allows visualisation of contamination. T2 HME allows simple opening port for quick and easy access of a suction catheter to aid the removal of secretions. T2 has integrated oxygen port that can provide up to 60% oxygen concentrations to the patient via the simplest of connections.

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Portex Thermovent

Thermovent T2 Portex Heat and Moisture Exchanger with Sampling Port Oxygen Inlet


Image: T2 Model