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Nasosafe Nasopharyngeal Airway


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Patient Comfort The swivel safety grip can be positioned so that it does not block the free nostril.
Size colour coding The swivel grip is colour coded to match suction catheter size colour coding.

NasoSafe® is best inserted when the patient is in the supine position. The airway should be lubricated with a water soluble lubricant prior to insertion. The rounded bevelled tip reduces mucosal wall trauma and guides the airway along the floor of the nasal passage. When correctly in place the tip of the airway should be visible behind the uvula.

Reduced Risk of Injury During Intubation the rounded edge of the tip combined with angle cut design helps to reduce the risk of injury during intubation. Swivel Safety Grip The NasoSafe® swivel grip protects the Nasopharyngeal airway from loss in the nasal passage. The swivel grip allows for positioning of the airway in the most comfortable position. Reduced Risk of Patient Reaction.

NasoSafe® is made of medical grade PVC and is implant tested

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