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  • MedicalGasesMG0002emOxDeliverySystem[1]

    emOx emergency oxygen


    emOx is a unique, safe and effective system for delivering 99.7% pure oxygen in hostile environments. Ideally suited for situations where carrying a pressurised cylinder is a high risk and not appropriate; EMOX can also be used as a back up to cylinder oxygen. Oxygen is created within 15 seconds by simply adding the Sodium Per carbonate to water in the green, plastic cylinder accompanied by a magnesium catalyst. Each chemical application will generate a minimum of 15 minutes oxygen based on an average flow of 4-5 litres per minute (dependant upon external environmental conditions). 1 chemical refill pack (4 bottles) will then supply 1 further hour of oxygen at the same flow. A visual indicator on top of the green, plastic bottle provides easy identification that oxygen is being produced. Only water and sodium carbonate remains once the chemical reaction is complete resulting in easy, safe disposal without any environmental impact.

  • MedicalGasesMG0043SabreSelectFlowRegulatorMainImage[1]

    Sabre Select Flow Regulators 1-25lpm with Fir Tree Outlet

    • Supplied with a wide range of high pressure inlet connections and a universal low pressure outlet that is compatible with all oxygen therapy tube diameters
    • These Sabre regulators offer unrivalled levels of accuracy and are simple to operate
    • Models offer eleven flow settings with flow levels from 0.1 to 25 L per minute lpm) enabling treatment options from neonatal care through to resuscitation
    • The Select flow regulators feature a clear flow indicator window and click action selection
    • The unit decreases the risk of uncontrolled or inaccurate administration and provides simple clear flow selection
    • Both the ‘O’ ring and ‘T’ bar adjusters are retained so they cannot be inadvertently mislaid when changing cylinders
    • Only requires servicing every five years
    • Available in pin index and bullnose versions

  • MediselectIIfoto_10

    Medi-Select II Pin Index Regulator


  • MedicalGasesMG0004ASuperliteRegulatorPinIndexTherapyMain[1]

    Superlite Regulator, Pin Index, Therapy


    Oxygen regulator with pin index input, and

    multiple flow therapy output set by a dial.

    Choose from ½,1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 10 & 15 litres

    per minute

  • MedicalGasesMG0004BSuperliteRegulatorPinIndexSchraderTherapyMain[1]

    Superlite Regulator, Pin Index, 1 x Schrader, Therapy


    Oxygen regulator with pin index input, single

    Schrader outlet and multiple flow therapy

    output ½,1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 15 litres per


  • MedicalGasesMG0007CFlowProbeMainImage[1]

    Flow Probe


    The Flow Probe includes the additional feature of a low pressure regulator to compensate for any variations in low pressure gas supply

  • MedicalGasesMG0042DemandRegulatorsMainImage[1]

    Demand Regulators


    Designed to provide the higher flow rates that ‘on demand’ medical gas products require.

  • MedicalGasesMG0001MicroventParamedicAdvancedResuskit[1]

    MicroVENT Paramedic Kit, Advanced Resuscitator


    microVENT® Classic Paramedic A/C Advanced – The Adult Child kit is ideal for users who need a light weight kit with the flexibility to resuscitate a range of patients from Child to Adult.

  • Airway&BreathingMG0001AMicroventResuscitatorMarinerDualMainImage[1]

    MicroVENT Mariner Rescue Resuscitator Kit (Pin-index type) – Dual Cylinder


    The microVENT® mariner kit is designed for use in an emergency when breathing has stopped or respiratory assistance is needed. It can be used with a rescue stretcher or to deal with a complicated rescue where the duration of normal resuscitators is insufficient.

    A casualty/patient harness helps to move casualty, stretcher and resuscitator safely – together. Head harness and hook ring hold the resuscitation face mask to casualty during rescue. The head harness is retained to the casualty harness preventing loss. Integral head positioning feature helps keep casualty airway open during rescue.

    The microVENT® has a remarkably efficient use of oxygen, that long duration is doubled by operating from two cylinders – often over 90 minutes. The oxygen cylinders are automatically used one before the other and the system also enables continuous use of the resuscitator while an empty cylinder is exchanged.

  • MedicalGasesMG0001CMicroVENTConfinedspace20rescuekitMainImage

    MicroVENT Confined Space Rescue Kit (inc BA air adapter)


    The Confined space kit will be of particular interest to those working in hazardous conditions. The kit comes in a hard case which helps protect against dust, sand and water as well as physical impact. Designed to work from an oxygen cylinder the kit also comes with a second regulator which enables the use of BA air to be used to power the microVENT® resuscitator.

    An extension hose ten meters long and a plug-in therapy selector means that oxygen resuscitation, air resuscitation or oxygen therapy can be carried out remotely from the supplying gas cylinder.

  • AirwayandbreathingmanagementBR0015PneupacVR1Ventilator

    Pneupac VR1 Resuscitator Kit


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  • MedicalGasesMG0039Nuvo8OxygenConcentratorMainImage[1]

    Nuvo 8 Oxygen Concentrator


  • parapac-w-alarms[1]

    ParaPAC Plus – With Air Mix – Demand with PEEP, CPAP, Manual


    Designed specifically for use by respiratory therapists, paramedics, and trained emergency personnel, paraPAC enables greater control of breathing parameters

    The dual controls allow easy selection of tidal volume and frequency to match your patient’s ventilatory requirements

    Suitable for ventilation during emergency or controlled transportation of adults, children and infants. MRI compatibility gives maximum flexibility for transport within the hospital.

  • DCF 1.0

    Oxygen Tubing


    Bubble type tubing

  • 1002-000 Adult high concentration oxygen mask safety vent

    Oxygen Administration Mask


    Partial Re-breather/High Concentration Mask with Tubing

  • DCF 1.0

    Nasal Oxygen Cannula


    Nasal Oxygen Cannula with 1.8m Tubing

  • DCF 1.0

    Venturi Oxygen Masks