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  • BooksBO0030CEERPocketBookMainImage

    Exmed CEER Pocketbook


  • BooksBO0040CEERManualMain

    CEER Manual


  • BooksBO0031MIRAPocketBookMainImage

    Exmed MIRA Pocket Mannual


  • BooksBO0041MIRAMannualMainImage

    MIRA Manual


    This textbook is used in support of our Medicine In Remote Areas courses but is an excellent resource and guide for anyone of intermediate to advanced life support level looking to work in the remote and/or hostile parts of the world. A comprehensive review of skills, equipment and procedures required to deal with life threatening emergencies and the transportation and prolonged field care of patients when help is not to hand, written by our team of trainers and operational staff who between them have global experience on all seven continents.

  • BooksBO0017AJRCALCClinicalGuidelinespocketbook2013

    JRCALC Clinical Guidelines 2013 Pocket Book



  • BooksBO0017JRCALCClinicalGuidelinesA4textbook

    JRCALC Clinical Practice Guidelines 2013 Textbook


    This is the full reference edition of the UK Ambulance Services Clinical Practice Guidelines 2013. The book has been produced for the Association of Ambulance Chief Executives and the Joint Royal Colleges Ambulance Liaison Committee to provide pre-hospital clinicians with essential information on drug dosages, treatment algorithms and management plans.

  • BooksBO0028OxfordHandbookofWilderness&ExpeditionMedicineMainImage

    Oxford Handbook of Expedition and Wilderness Medicine


  • BooksBO0019IHCDFirstPersononScene

    IHCD First Person on Scene


  • BooksBO0029HandbookofTropicalMedicineMainImage

    Oxford Handbook of Tropical Medicine


  • Clarke’s Analysis of Drugs and Poisons

    British National Formulary


  • BooksBO0020MerkManual

    Merck Manual, 19th Edition


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  • BooksBO0033ActiveFirstAidMainImage

    Active First Aid



  • BooksBO0037OxfordHandbookofAcuteMedicineMainImage

    Oxford Handbook of Acute Medicine


    The best-selling Oxford Handbook of Acute Medicine is an up-to-date, practical and comprehensive guide to the management of the acutely ill patient. This third edition has been revised throughout to include the most up-to-date guidelines and treatment management plans. A new junior author ensures that the content remains relevant and accessible to all medics approaching acute medicine for the first time. This edition includes a new chapter which focuses on common presentations, and quick reference boxes throughout highlight top priorities in the management of each condition. The section on practical procedures has also been expanded to include core competencies for the Foundation Programme. With brand new figures and clinical tips from the experienced authors, the third edition of the Oxford Handbook of Acute Medicine remains the must-have resource for all those dealing with acute illness.

  • BooksBO0021AHandbookforAeromedicalflightCrew

    A Handbook for Aeromedical Flight Crews



  • 81MOZmC083L._SL1500_[1]

    Nancy Caroline’s Emergency Care In The Streets-7th Edition


    The United Kingdom (UK) edition of Nancy Caroline’s Emergency Care in the Streets, Seventh Edition builds on the pedigree of the previous UK and United States editions of this seminal paramedic textbook. Not only is the UK Seventh Edition directly relevant to UK practice, but now it is fully referenced and in line with the new 2013 UK Ambulance Service Clinical Practice Guidelines. With an authorship drawn from all aspects of emergency and unscheduled care, from academics to practising practitioners, the writing team have ensured that the textbook is directly relevant to current UK clinical paramedic practices. Up-to-Date Content The UK Seventh Edition is the only paramedic textbook to reference the new 2013 UK Ambulance Service Clinical Practice Guidelines. In addition, the latest advanced life support and other evidence-based guidelines have been included to ensure that evidence-based practice is advocated. Relevance to Clinical Practice Each chapter features a clinical case study to relate the chapter content to real-world application, thus enabling students and paramedics alike to bridge the theory-practice gap. Accessible Language Since the first edition, Nancy Caroline’s Emergency Care in the Streets has been known for its clear, accessible language that provides the most effective and engaging learning experience for students. The UK Seventh Edition continues Dr. Caroline’s legacy with world-class medical content written in a manner that is relevant to today’s practice of paramedicine.

  • BooksBO0004OxfordHandbookofPrehospitalcareMainImage

    Oxford Handbook of Pre-Hospital Care


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  • BooksBO0034PHTLSManual7thMainImage

    PHTLS Mannual, 7th Edition


    Pages: 640
    Edition: 7th
    Publisher: Mosby/JEMS
    Publication Date: December 2010

    As the required textbook for NAEMT’s worldwide prehospital trauma life support course, Prehospital Trauma Life Support (PHTLS) is the comprehensive, internationally renowned resource for learning basic and advanced prehospital trauma skills and concepts. Fully revised and updated, the 7th edition provides state-of-the-art, evidence-based trauma treatment and guidelines that are proven to reduce morbidity and mortality.

    Comprehensive, highly illustrated and evidence based . . . covering all aspects of pre hospital trauma in one convenient resource.

  • 1378287007BO080[1]

    ABC of Dermatology


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  • 9781405198165[1]

    ABC of Sexually Transmitted Diseases


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  • 512odi7hvuL[1]

    ABC of Eyes


  • BooksBO0004OxfordHandbookofPrehospitalcareMainImage

    Oxford Handbook of Emergency Medicine


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  • BooksBO0007ManagementofHeadInjuries2ndEdition

    Management of Head Injuries 2nd Edition


  • BooksBO0008MimsManual

    MIMS Manual


  • BooksBO0036OxfordHandbookof GeneralPracticeMainImage

    Oxford Handbook of General Practice


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  • IshiharaColourTestBooks[1]

    Ischihara Test Book for Colour Blindness


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