Exmed clients range from major corporations in the oil and gas, mining and media sectors to international humanitarian organisations and UK emergency services and education institutions.

Media Clients

The company’s specialised Exmed Media division provides medical support and training for numerous high-profile media organisations operating in remote and hostile environments including the BBC and the Discovery Channel.

Oil, Gas And Mining Clients

The company provides medical support and training to some of the world’s leading corporations in the hydrocarbon sector including BP, Rio Tinto, Shell, and Total.

International And Humanitarian Clients

Exmed works with humanitarian NGOs and numerous United Nations Agencies including:

– United Nations World Food Programme – WFP
– Kellogg, Brown & Root – KBR
– Central Contracting Registry (US DoD)
– Office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees – UNHCR;
– United Nations Humanitarian Air Service – UNHAS;
– United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan – UNAMA
– United Nations Office for project services.
– The Organisation for Security and Coordination of Europe OSCE
– Save The Children UK
– RedR
– Holy Trinity Church
– International Red Cross.

For example, in Afghanistan, the company has provided operational planning and conducted routine health clinics for the United Nations as well as emergency rescue services and the management of major medical incidents. In Pakistan, Exmed personnel assisted the UN in its co-ordination and assessment process following the 2005 earthquake.

The company has also worked with humanitarian NGOs such as Save the Children and RedR, the Register of Engineers for Disaster Relief, which provides aid workers in the field with training and support.

Emergency Service And Education Clients

Exmed has given specialist medical training to a variety of UK ambulance, fire and police services including:

– London Ambulance Service;
– South Wales and Tyne and Wear fire services;
– Warwickshire, Northampton and West Midlands police firearms units;
– Serious and Organised Crime Agency.

The company has also provided educational training including a six-week wilderness medical course for students of Newcastle University.