Our Company

Exmed is an independent provider of high quality medical support and training for organisations and individuals operating in remote and hostile environments around the world.

Our multi-disciplinary team of experts is made up of doctors, psychologists, clinicians, military medics and occupational health specialists.In recognition of our ability to work in some the world’s most challenging locations, the company is registered with the UN, NATO and the US Department of Defence as an official medical services provider.

Our Approach

Exmed’s approach involves thorough medical and healthcare assessment, planning and preparation to avoid unnecessary risk and expense. Our primary focus is on the safety and well being of personnel while at the same time helping organisations meet their duty of care obligations, avoid costly medical litigation and keep lost working time to a minimum.

Our Services

Exmed UK offers on-the ground medical support, training, occupational health assessments and equipment supply to provide the best possible medical care for employees and individuals in remote and hostile environments. From the Arctic Circle to the Sahara and from the Andes to the jungles of South East Asia, we provide integrated solutions across the spectrum of remote area medical risk.